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Below, you will find the checklist for new-employee onboarding. New employees will work directly with the Office Manager (OM) to accomplish these tasks.

On-Boarding Check List​

  • Employee Information Form
    • On the employee’s first day at work, the OM has the individual fill out the Information Form

  • Security Code
    • Once the new employee has filled out their paperwork, the OM sets up their unique passcode on our Vivant Security System in each building (PWA, TPLF, and Chaney)

  • Payroll

    • The OM sets up payroll for the new employee

  • 401(K)
    • The OM sets up the 401(k) for the new employee through Ubiquity​ and discusses Company Match

  • Insurance

    • The OM sets up health insurance for the new employee through Humana

  • Dental

    • The OM sets up dental insurance for the new employee through Delta Dental

  • Aflac

    • The OM sets up a meeting between the new employee and our Aflac rep, Nancy Lawson

      • Aflac can provide employees with a myriad of services, paid for by the employee, including accident insurance, short-term disability, and cancer policies

  • Gym Membership

    • The OM sets up a gym membership for the new employee at either LifeTime Fitness or the DAC (Desoto Athletic Club)

  • Credit Card

    • After 30 days of the employee starting work, the OM orders them a company American Express credit card

  • Keys

    • The OM will have a key or keys made for the employee

  • IT Setup

    • Before the new employee begins work, the OM discusses IT needs with Open Road Technologies (ORT)

      • ORT will set up a new desk phone, desktop computer, and computer login

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