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Below, you will find a breakdown of the premium benefits Pickler Companies offers its employees

Financial Benefits

Competitive Salary


  • Health

  • Dental

  • Aflac: available at employee expense

Periodic Bonuses

Ability to Participate in 401(k) Plan with Company Match


Gift of Time

Paid Holidays (as well as extra time off around the holidays)

  • New Year's Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Washington's Birthday

  • Good Friday

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Community Service PTO

Pickler Companies not only allows, but encourages its employees to engage in community activities, including but not limited to: 

  • Board Meetings

  • Leadership Activities

  • Jury Duty

Unlimited Paid Time Off

Pickler Companies offers its employees unlimited Paid Time Off. The time you take off must still be approved by your superior, but will not be subject to a pre-established annual limit. Each employee will be in charge of making sure their projects are completed and, more importantly, their clients are served during the time off. This new accountability structure involves not only the individual employees, but their roles within the firm, their fellow staff members, our clients, and the employees' families. If you're sick, take time off. If you're burned out, take time off. We think it is important for you to be at your best so that our clients receive the best.

Birthday Paid Day Off 

Employees are allowed to take a paid day off for their birthday. If their birthday falls on the weekend or day when they cannot take it, then their day off should be taken within that same week. 

Other Great Benefits

Gym Membership

Free Snacks and Drinks

Incredible Location

  • Safe Environment

  • Free Parking

  • Water-Front View

  • Walking Track

Happy Hours

Company Breakfasts and Lunches

Access to Tickets and Events

  • FedEx Forum (Grizzlies Games/Concerts)

  • AutoZone Park (Redbirds Games)

  • Orpheum

Professional Development Opportunities for All Employees

Complimentary or Discounted Services and Plans

  • Tax Plans/Filing Taxes

  • Estate Plans

  • Financial Advice/Life Plan

High-End Desk Chairs

  • Industry-leading, ergonomic chairs

Employee Anniversary Recognition

Recognition of notable anniversaries are celebrated in five year increments. A dinner for the employee will be celebrated with all staff members. 

Paid Holidays
Commuity PTO
Unlimited PTO
Birthday PTO
Gym Membership
Free Snacks & Drinks
Prime Locaton
Happy Hours
Company Meals
Access to Tickets
Professional Development
Discounted Services
Desk Chairs
Employee Anniversaries
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